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Lest You Forget Me

"A story about love, life, and family,

and how life forces us to make choices."

Available at your local bookstore, Barnes & Nobels, and Amazon.

ISBN-13: 978-1981356218 

ISBN-10: 1981356215

"With her debut novel, Carina Posch has created a wonderful and sad love story. One of the most beautiful and touching books I have ever read, absolutely on a par with a novel like “A Whole Six Months” by Jojo Moyes. “Tell me about love…” is definitely worth reading!" Rolf Mueller via Amazon Reviews

"I’ve just finished this book and I’m writing with tears flowing down my cheeks. This story is about how people can make a mess of their lives through lack of, or miscommunication. How every action impacts upon others in their lives.
How easy it is to make a misstep and how impossible it is to turn back the clock. It’s much more than a simple love story." Via Amazon Reviews

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