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Lest You Forget Me


In the year  2009

I noticed the stillness in my life for the first time as I sat and contemplated whether it had been a particular day that had caused my life to collapse, or the type of life I had lead. No noise, or sound distracted me from my thoughts, and that’s when I really saw my life – my whole life. I couldn’t help but cry. Cry 20 years of marriage out of my soul. I don’t even know anymore how much wine I drank while I cried. It was whole bottles. Spread out over days. With the thought that I ought not throw everything away again and just stay there, laying on my bathroom floor. Now I was ready to live. Should we begin where my life shattered, or where it began …

ISBN-13: 978-1981356218 

ISBN-10: 1981356215

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